Saturday, 25 April 2009

Winner and my new kitten

My blog candy is now closed and I have run the Random Generator with my Mum...... the winner is.... Bumblebee Creations! Congratulations Rhonda and Emily!

(Timestamp: 2009-04-25 20:38:02 UTC)

Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope to have another candy soon to celebrate 10,000 hits.

Before I go I wanted to show you my new kitten Bella. She is 8 weeks old and is a Bengal cross. She is so sweet and lots of fun.
Here is a picture of me and my other cat Gemma. As you can see Gemma looks very happy and doesn't mind our new family member.

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Danni said...

Awww, your new kitty is so cute!

Ayelet said...

OMG, that kitten is soooooo sweet, I'm melting here!
Congrats, Zoe, on your new kittie, and congrats to the winner!

Lacey said...

How sweet! Bella is so adorable! And you look so happy to have a new friend to love!

ella bella said...

awwww Zoe Bella is just so adorable, and i'm pleased Gemma and the kitten are already friends :)
Tracy x

agnes said...

OOOHH ZOe youre new kitten is so sweet.Have a lot of fun with Bella,
big hugs sanne and agnesxx

dawnmarieg said...

Oooh oooh baby kitty baby kitty ooh wee tiny wee thing ooh so cute!!!

Michelle said...

Zoe, your new kitty is absolutely adorably!! I wish I could be there to give her some squeezies!! And what a cute pic of you & Gemma....I think she's thinking "yeah....the kitten's cute & all....but I still rule this house"!

bumblebee creations said...

OH my!!! Emily says "thank you for the stamp-love Emily-ps your kitty is cute"!
Rhonda says-"Thank you!!!! oh my-I am so surprised to see our names as the winners! Emily and I will have a blast making cards with this stamp! We went to the Hannah Montanna movie last weekend!
Your new kitten looks very furry and your right-Gemma doesn't look too bothered at all!
Thanks again! I think your mum already has our addy-but let me know if not!

Georgia said...

Congratulations Rhonda and Emily! I love your new kitten Zoe, she is so cute!
Love, Georgia xx

TheLittleFrog said...

Oh, she so cute!

lisa808 said...

Bella is adorable and I'm happy Gemma has a friend.

christelle said...

Congrats to Emily and Rhonda!! I read their mum's comment and they are delighted to have won this gorgeous stamp!! They will make fab cards!!
Your new kitten Bella is very cute and I'm sure that you and Danni bathe in good fortune(I hope you understand; it's a french expression I translated in english)!!
Have a great day,
Love to you all,
Big hugs to all your family my sweet Zoe,

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Your new Kitty is so cute, Zoe!! Congrats Emily and Rhonda!

Priscilla said...

congrats to the winner ..can cute cat :)

Shaleise said...

Pretty i love cats too love Liddie xxxxx

L'Hélène said...

OMG, a little heads up?? I saw that kitten picture and DIED!!