Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow much fun!

I was so excited as it started to snow yesterday. My friends Mum rang this morning to say the school is closed. I am so happy that we could go out to play as normally when we have a little snow it has all melted by the time school has finished.

Here is our sweet cat Gemma.. I don't think she was having as much fun as us!

Here is my Sister Danni
I was being cheeky and threw this snowball at my Mum as she was going inside.. luckily for me it hit the conservatory door.

Hope you liked my photo's.




Paula's ponderings said...

You lucky girls! No school and lots of snow to play in! Hope you have a great time and dont get mum with TOO many snowballs! Thank you for the lovely comment you left of my blog too! Enjoy your day X

Heike said...

Hi Zoe, thanks for the wonderful Pictures, it looks like you and Danny have so much fun.....and Gemma too :-))).......


Stacey said...

Great photos Zoe! I'm really jealous that you get to play and I have to go to boring work! Hope you don't get too chilly! Stacey ~x~

Heather "Hev" said...

Wow Zoe it looks like you were having so much fun in the snow :)

It is very hot here so the snowmen wouldnt like it hee hee!!

Lovely photos!

Keep warm!

tracie said...

Hi Zoe love your pictures, you and Dani look like your both having lots of fun - Oh Gemma looks a little unsure of the snow... bless her !!
Hope you've both had a lovely day playing.
Tracie :)x

dawnmarieg said...

Hi Zoe, you look like you had lots of fun in the snow today, and I cannot believe Gemma is out in the snow, my Tinker cat has been stuck in front of the fire all day lol.x

My lifes inky escape and more said...

Snow! It looks so cold! Glad you had a fun time!


christelle said...

Thank you Zoe for the pictures!!
I'm happy to see that Danni and you had fun with the snow!!
I think Gemma didn't stay a long time outside!!
Have a great tuesday sweeties,
Big hugs,

Crissy Armstrong said...

Zoe that last picture of you is the best! Just an amazing shot (both you with the snowball, and your mom with the camera!). You look SO cute and SO mischievous as you tease your mom! I love it! I wish I could ship you some of our snow so you could keep having fun!

Kelly Schelske said...

Oh Zoe, it looks liek you girls had so much fun!! thanks so much for sharing these wonderful picts!!

Hugs, Kelly

Ila said...

Wow!! what a Wonderful Snow Day!!..looks like you and Danni are having a Great time...Thanks for sharing these Fabulous photos!!...Hugs, Ila

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,
How wonderful are those photo's? my goodness.. you got a load more snow than us!!
Keep warm hunnie, hugs, Marlene x

Annie said...

looks like you had lots of fun in the sun, although I'm not sure your kitty kat was enjoying it as much. My two cocker spaniels love it and evern roll around making puppy angels! hugs, annie x